Collections designed for your home, your family, your comfort.
  • We are the result of experiences. Alone or with others, indoors or out, with heat and sun or with a fireplace close by, we seek comfort, peace, harmony. Our products translate this demand into textures, colors, detailed confecZon. In textile emotions for your life.
  • Our products translate this demand into textures, colors, confection. In textile emotions for
    your life.

Part of something bigger. Made in Portugal

Sustainability | Timelessness | Quality |Functionality |Comfort | Authenticity | Transparency | Sophistication These are our Values. They motivate us to create and produce delicate collections. So that emoh always means special emotions.
  • Know-how and dedication

    Each emoh piece is the result of the dedicated effort of a team that combines design with raw materials and processes thought in detail. Comfort and quality are attributes that demand the search for the most appropriate fibers, finishes and confection techniques for each piece.
  • Sustainability at the top of our priorities

    We want to be part of a sustainable world. To this end, we take an active role in choosing and implementing balanced and environmentally responsible solutions.
  • JF Almeida certificates

    Emoh is developed and produced by Têxteis J.F. Almeida, S.A., one of the largest and most reputable home textile companies in Europe. Our concern and investment in sustainability are evident in the numerous cerZficaZons obtained, which guarantee quality and show the respect for a topic that we consider central and strategic in our decisions.
    JF Almeida